Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Try Failure: T-shirt Yoga Skirt - SAVED

I really wanted to try this skirt... I had a couple maternity t-shirts to play with.  (Can't find the link right now.. I'll add it later)

I got the sewing right (I think), and I measured right (I think), but the thing didn't fit over my hips.  Really?  Really.  I'm probably going to try to turn it into a skirt for The Girl, because it really looks cute... if only it fit...

*** Updated ***
So, I cut off half the waistband (It was very very long) and put the skirt on again... it's short, but it works!  Wearing it today, and hoping that my bum doesn't hang out at work... it's supposed to be up to freaking 90 today, so something short and cool will be welcome!

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