Friday, June 3, 2011

For Me: "Breezy Wrap Skirt"

I got this book the other day, and I'm really excited to make some of the skirts in it!
Drafting the pattern

pinning together

Pieces sewn together.

I did a double seam - straight stitch with a zig zag over it.

Ironing seams flat

Making my rolled hem

The waistband/straps

Placing the waistband/straps

Pinning the waistband on

Waistband attatched


Turning straps right side out


Ironing the straps and waistband down

This one was really very easy.  I've never made a (non-elastic) waistband before, and it was fun to learn.  It has an optional button hole to put the strap through, and that would be nice... I am still intimidated by button holes.  Maybe I'll tackle it for the next wrap skirt I make.
Front of the skirt done (needs ironing)
The overlapping back (I might do a bigger overlap next time).  Note the errant chalk lines... that'll come out in the wash.

This skirt didn't take long at all.  I drafted the pattern (making several mistakes along the way and re-doing things), cut the fabric (also re-positioning a few times... I erased some chalk lines, let's just say that much), and sewed the skirt in only 2-3 hours, working time.  I think it would look really cute with a contrasting waistband and straps, too.  But this orange fabric I got is so cool.  I'm pleased.  Can't wait to try my next skirt.

And the book is really cool.  :D

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