Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Skirts for the Girl

I've done some sewing in the past, but I've never gotten very far with it. I want to be better and increase my repertoire.  What better place to start than with ridiculously easy skirts made for my daughter?

I can't improve on the tutorial here.  I did, however, end up doing the skirts in a slightly different order in order to make them even simpler.

1) Cut fabric and elastic
2) Pin side seam together and sew a straight seam, with a zip zag seam over it.
3) Iron down the seam
4) Iron down the bottom hem (simple rolled hem, fold over once, iron, fold over again, iron)
5) Iron down the top hem and then the elastic casing
6) Sew zig zag stitch over bottom hem - I did two rows.
7) Sew around elastic casing - I did top and bottom stitches, leaving an opening for the elastic to go through on the bottom stitching
8) Feed elastic through.  The most time consuming part for me.  I need a bodkin, apparently
9) Sew elastic together (two zig zag seams down the elastic)
10) Close up the casing seam
The cats like to help sew... not so helpful.
The Girl helped a little... more helpful than the cats.


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