Saturday, June 4, 2011

Patch Pocket & Button Hole

I'm so happy with myself!  I was intimidated by pockets and button holes, and both ended up being very easy.  I wanted to make the wrap skirt more useful and more secure.

And I need a pocket for my cell phone.

So - I sewed a simple patch pocket onto it - I just cut a small rectangle (with one end on the selvage, but you could hem all edges), did a small rolled hem around it, and sewed it onto the skirt.  I did a straight stitch and then did a wide zig zag stitch over it for security.  Voila.
Test button hole.
Small chalk line on the buttonhole with strap through it.
And for the button hole?  My machine has a sliding button hole foot, and detailed instructions in the manual.  I practiced a couple of times first and then went for it.  Easy and done. 

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